Project Management

We take care of every detail, from the importance of urban planning to the functionality of the architectural project, from the exclusivity of furnishing objects to the quality and taste of Italian food and wine products.

Graduated in Interior Design at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies of Rome and graduated in Master’s Degree in Territorial, Urban Planning and Environmental Planning at the University of Palermo, Nino Montalbano combines the aesthetic and artistic element of the project with technique.

He coordinates the project in all its phases, making sure that each piece is in its place, that every element is beautiful and functional, that it is good with itself and with others.

The project does not start from the de-contextualized design but is the result of a careful analysis of several elements from which it can not disregard. The drawing is often a simple consequence of surrounding factors, from the economic to the social, from the physicality of the elements to the relations between them.

His flexible and dynamic style guarantees beauty to the project and the maximum degree of customer satisfaction that is often involved and overwhelmed in the implementation process.

She is a technician specialized in the design and construction of metal structures.

Chemical Engineer since 2005, specializes in the field of metal processing and metal product design. She follows and coordinates the design and construction of biogas plants from anaerobic digestion fed by dedicated crops, agricultural by-products, zootechnical and agro-industrial plants and by OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes), for the production of electricity. The application of knowledge ranging from design to chemical and biological sizing and knowledge of materials are her business card.
Today, Patrizia is a complete technician and ranges precisely between furnishings and bureaucracy, including structural calculations and energy certifications.
She blends beauty with cold metal and her PAPI STEEL furniture objects are a concrete example of this. Punctual, constantly updated, she guarantees innovative solutions and reliability to your project.